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Technical Working Committee

Roles and Functions

  • The Technical Working Committee (TWC) shall provide technical inputs aimed at enhancing the capacity of NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women (NIEW) in providing training and research to NAM Member Countries.
  • The roles and functions of the TWC in assisting NIEW include the following:
  • to identify current and critical issues in fields that are related to women's empowerment and gender concerns for training and research purposes;
  • to provide advice and inputs about curricular content, training techniques and materials;
  • to review all features of NIEW's training programmes; goals, competencies, curriculum, lesson plans and overall effectiveness of programmes;
  • to recommend resource persons, guest speakers, facilitators and trainers for NIEW's training programmes; and
  • to propose, review and evaluate new or modified research and development programmes for women empowerment and capacity building.


  • The TWC shall be chaired by the Secretary-General to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Malaysia.

Members of the Technical Working Committee

  • The TWC shall comprise individuals from Malaysia and NAM Member Countries appointed by the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Malaysia. The Government of Malaysia shall make every effort to appoint experts from within NAM. However, the Government of Malaysia may also, as appropriate, source expertise from outside the Movement.

Selection Criteria

  • The TWC shall comprise twelve (12) experts who are highly experienced in women studies and gender studies. A "highly experienced" candidate means that the individual's work, publication history and curriculum vitae demonstrate that they are respected in their specialized field(s) of work and have published extensively in journals and related literature. The said experts should have experience in the promotion of women's empowerment and enhancement of gender equality. The TWC shall preferably comprise experts from a range of affiliations including from government, federal agencies, private sector, academia and civil society. It is anticipated that candidates should meet one or more of the criteria listed below:
    • highly experienced in political studies and gender issues; or
    • highly experienced in economic studies, finance and development issues; or
    • highly experienced in the field of gender and health issues; or
    • highly experienced in ICT and education ; or
    • highly experienced in women's studies, gender studies and women's rights issues.
  • NIEW shall ensure that candidates conform to the technical selection criteria and will disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest where it exists. NIEW shall, as far as possible, ensure that candidates are free from conflict of interest that would render her/him inappropriate to serve on the TWC.
  • NAM Member Countries, in consultation with their respective national machineries, are welcome to submit nominations for experts to sit on the TWC.

Terms of Appointment

  • Members of the TWC shall serve for a term of 2 years, with the possibility of renewal.
  • The Government of Malaysia reserves the right to appoint the TWC from NAM Member Countries. All decisions with regard to appointments, terminations and/or extensions shall be conclusive and final.


  • The Government of Malaysia will provide a return ticket on Malaysia Airlines (MAS), hotel accommodation and meals for TWC members, for the duration of the committee's meeting. Malaysian TWC members will also be provided return tickets from any domestic destination within Malaysia, hotel accommodation and meals for the duration of the committee's meeting.


  • The TWC meeting will be held at least once a year or as and when deemed necessary by the Government of Malaysia. Notice of meetings stating the time, date and venue shall be communicated in writing.
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