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Quotation & Tender
We are pleased to announce that NIEW is open to receive proposals from organizations that will be able to conduct courses based on the following titles:
  • Course on Women and ICT: Women and Cyber Crime (April 2016) – Dateline for submission will be on 1st February 2016.
  • Course on Women and Agriculture: Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation (August 2016) - Dateline for submission will be on 15th April 2016
For your information, NIEW is an institute which conducts capacity building courses. The module should be designed for 4 days course (including half day field trip). You may submit your proposal to nurilyana@niew.gov.my. Please state in the subject the title of the course proposal. Thank You and Good Luck!!!
  • Visit KPWKM Portal
  • Visit JKM Portal
  • Visit JPW Portal
  • Visit LPPKN Portal
  • Visit ISM Portal
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